Willow – The Powerful Witch – Redemption

Willow does not have long to improve the Wards, that “clamp down” upon her Witchcraft, as her magic is soon required to assist Buffy: raising a “force field” (to help keep an “Uber Vampire” at bay), performing locator spells (to find other potential slayers, before The First can eliminate them), reopening a space/time portal (after Buffy jumped through one) and using a crystal/charm (to help a reformed Andrew remember more about The First).

Willow's Redemption Spell - In balance, with the Goddess

Willow’s Redemption Spell – In balance, with the Goddess

The final test of Willow’s reformed character occurs when Buffy asks Willow to change the “Slayer” spell: so that all potential slayers shall have the same strength as Buffy (and Faith). Willow is initially scared by the request, as she believes the spell could take her beyond Evil Willow: into a total loss of self control. Fortunately, this turns out not to be the case: and after researching the spell, she is able to cast it with the help of Kennedy (a potential slayer), resulting in Willow glowing in white (and thus being equated with a Goddess). After the “Slayer” spell is successfully cast, Willow collapses from exhaustion; but is able to savour the fact that she has helped to defeat The First, and in doing so, has fully redeemed herself.


Powerful Willow – Two Paths in Witch

Willows character then evolves to have two specific traits.  Firstly, she is still known for her computing skills (which are of use when researching particular enemies).  Secondly, her magical skills are now considered as being fundamental to the scoobie gang (when helping to defeat various enemies).  The main reason for this change, is the fact that Willows continued study of witchcraft, has helped to make her more powerful.


Willow “witchcraft can be fun” – A “fire incantation” at a beach BBQ.

This is first witnessed when Willow impresses the scoobie gang with her ability to control fire:  speaking a simple incantation that results in a BBQ being lit.  Willows magic then continues to show its increasing power through the diversity of her spells, for example:  erecting warding spells (to help keep “Count Dracula” out), breaking spells (that were cast by their enemies), bringing forward sunlight (to help light the dark), making use of reverse spells (to “fix” Willows own spells that have gone wrong) and moving a variety of objects (by force of mind alone).