Evil Willow – The Power in Rede

To help exact her revenge, Willow decides she needs more power, and as such, heads straight for the local magic shop.  Upon entering, it is obvious that Willow is not herself:  her mere presence being enough to shatter several electrical lights; on her way to the shelves containing the “black arts books“.

Evil Willow - Rede like never before!

Evil Willow – Rede like never before!

Willow then demonstrates a new approach to learning:  when she proceeds to absorb their text (by “sucking” it out of the books and into herself).  Although Willow has lost control of her emotions (running on pure grief/fury/rage), she has not yet lost her ability to help others:  as she saves Buffy’s life by magically removing a bullet that would have killed her (as Warren initially shot Buffy).  Despite this, Buffy refuses to help Willow destroy those responsible for Tara’s death (as the scoobie gang does not kill humans).  This refusal is enough to serve as the final catalyst for Willows emotions:  as she casts aside “old reliable/nerdy” Willow and becomes “Evil Willow” (with black eyes and dark veins across her face).


Willow – Her First Love Spell

Despite the warning from Giles (regarding the use of magic), Willow soon feels the need to play with an anti-love spell, to help quash the growing attraction between herself and Xander.  Willow gathers the necessary ingredients (from the local magic shop), then proceeds to mix the spell, whilst waiting for Xander to arrive.  Upon arriving, Xander becomes concerned that Willow could even consider casting such a spell – especially after his own love spell (cast by Amy) went wrong.

Willow - with a Spell that many Witches LOVE to dabble with!

Willow – with a Spell that many Witches LOVE to dabble with!

However, such concerns are beyond Spike (initially a bad vampire), who interrupts Willows anti-love spell and abducts her to cast his own love spell.  Even though neither spell eventually gets cast, Spikes abduction of Willow helps to illustrate the fact that Willow is starting to become known as a witch (around Sunnydale).