Evil Willow – The Power of Love

With Willows thoughts being beyond all logic/reason, Willow fights Buffy:  eventually rendering Buffy unconscious (by hitting her with some powerful blue lightening).  Fate then intervenes – as Giles returns, leading to a magical duel between himself and Willow:  he blasts her across the room, he commands her to stay down and he binds her in a stasis field (to prevent her from causing further harm).

Evil Willow - Smiling - With a red Fireball in her Hands

Evil Willow – Smiling – With a red Fireball in her Hands

Unfortunately, Evil Willow is too powerful to be defeated so easily:  she’s able to use mind control (on Anya) to help free herself from the stasis field.  The magical duel then resumes, with Willow eventually defeating Giles and absorbing all his powers (which he borrowed from a coven).  In doing so, Willow becomes more powerful, which combined with her emotional state, leads her to conclude that:  the whole world is suffering emotional pain (and that it must be stopped).  Thus, she decides to destroy the world (even though this goes against everything that Tara stood for).  Fortunately, Willow has managed to overlook one emotion:  love.  And it is love that finally defeats her:  when Xander tells her he loves her (as a friend).


Willow – Her First Love Spell

Despite the warning from Giles (regarding the use of magic), Willow soon feels the need to play with an anti-love spell, to help quash the growing attraction between herself and Xander.  Willow gathers the necessary ingredients (from the local magic shop), then proceeds to mix the spell, whilst waiting for Xander to arrive.  Upon arriving, Xander becomes concerned that Willow could even consider casting such a spell – especially after his own love spell (cast by Amy) went wrong.

Willow - with a Spell that many Witches LOVE to dabble with!

Willow – with a Spell that many Witches LOVE to dabble with!

However, such concerns are beyond Spike (initially a bad vampire), who interrupts Willows anti-love spell and abducts her to cast his own love spell.  Even though neither spell eventually gets cast, Spikes abduction of Willow helps to illustrate the fact that Willow is starting to become known as a witch (around Sunnydale).

Amy – The Fire Witch

Later we learn that Amy is a “Fire Witch” (i.e. aligned with the element of fire), who although having taken the time to point out magical consequences to Xander (with his love spell), fails to fully consider them when she turns herself into a rat (to escape being burned at the stake).  Unfortunately, Amy is unable to turn herself back, and for quite some time, Willow does not know how to turn Amy back either.

Eventually, Willow succeeds and Amy resumes her human form (albeit with some “ratty” behaviour).  Being initially somewhat scared, Amy casts two quick spells (with green smoke swirling from her fingers):  one to close the windows and the other to pull the curtains.  Eventually, Amy wants to “get out” into the world again, and together with Willow, they both enjoy an evening of spell casting:  Willow plays pool with magic, Amy magically calls a woman over (for Willow), Willow changes the band, Amy makes a man fly (like an angel), Willow changes the height of two men and Amy changes some dancers into sheep.  After having abused their powers, they both become tired (from casting too many spells).

Amy – The Mischievous Witch

One of the first spells Amy casts is a “fake test paper”, when she makes her teacher believe that she has handed it over at the end of class.  Xander (Buffy’s friend) witnesses this and later strikes up a conversation with Buffy and Willow, at which point we learn that Amy’s mum is a witch (according to Willow).

Xander then suspects that “it runs in the family” and is able to blackmail Amy over the fake test paper (i.e.  to keep it a secret), so that she casts a “Love Spell” for him.  This involves:  “Diana Goddess of Love”, a necklace, several candles and (eventually) some swirling red smoke when the spell is cast.  Almost immediately, the love spell goes wrong and Xander finds himself chased by every woman (instead of just the one he desired).  As the spell also affects Amy, she gets “carried away” and turns Buffy into a rat (so that she can have Xander to herself).  It is only with the help of Giles (Buffy’s watcher) that the love spell (and its consequences) are able to be reversed.