Powerful Willow – Two Minds in Witch

Later (despite Willows failed assault on Glory), Willows magic still continues to prove its worth:  being able to temporarily freeze Glory, being able to throw Glory (backwards), being able to raise a “force field” (to help protect the scoobie gang) and being able to re-power a telephone (so that Buffy can call for medical assistance).  Willows growing ability/willingness to undertake dangerous spells is again illustrated when she later assists Buffy (who has suffered from a “mental shut-down”).

Willow - in deep Meditation (within the Depths of Buffy's Mind)

Willow – in deep Meditation (within the Depths of Buffy’s Mind)

After arranging several candles, Willow starts to mediate, entering a trance which allows her to navigate through Buffy’s memories, eventually “snapping her out of it”.  Again, this (necessary) spell raises concern from Giles, who regards the spell as “extraordinarily advanced”.  Willow then takes her powers a stage further, when she enters Glory’s mind, in a bid to regain Tara’s mind (and disorientate Glory).  Doing so involves Willow placing a hand on both Glory’s and Tara’s heads, then channelling explosive blue energies between herself and them (until her spell completes).  Later, we also learn that Willow has gained the ability of telepathy (when she speaks with Spike, through his and her minds).


Powerful Willow – The Dark in Witch

It is not until Buffy starts to battle Glory (a hell god who has been banished to Earth) that we realise just how powerful Willow is becoming.  This is first evidenced when Willow (with the help of Tara and some magic dust) casts a “Teleportation Spell” on Glory:  to remove her from a fight that Buffy was losing.  In doing so, Willow again encounters concern from Giles, who advises her that the spell was “dangerous for an adept at your level Willow”.

Willow - with Darkest Magick and "revenge intent" Black Eyes

Willow – with Darkest Magick and “revenge intent” Black Eyes

Further evidence of Willows growing power (and lack of emotional control) occurs after Glory destroys Tara’s mind.  Willow seeks revenge, and after reading a book on “Darkest Magick“, goes knocking on Glory’s door.  It is here that we first encounter the darker side to Willows character, as she uses black magic to cause Glory pain:  Willow freezes Glory, then lashes out with powerful blue lightening.  Willow also makes use of several other nasty spells in her assault against Glory:  throwing of shards from a shattered mirror, throwing of a bag of knives and summoning of a serpent.  Unfortunately, none of this has any lasting affect on Glory (as she’s a god), and Buffy has to intervene to rescue Willow (as Willow has tired herself out).

Powerful Willow – Two Paths in Witch

Willows character then evolves to have two specific traits.  Firstly, she is still known for her computing skills (which are of use when researching particular enemies).  Secondly, her magical skills are now considered as being fundamental to the scoobie gang (when helping to defeat various enemies).  The main reason for this change, is the fact that Willows continued study of witchcraft, has helped to make her more powerful.


Willow “witchcraft can be fun” – A “fire incantation” at a beach BBQ.

This is first witnessed when Willow impresses the scoobie gang with her ability to control fire:  speaking a simple incantation that results in a BBQ being lit.  Willows magic then continues to show its increasing power through the diversity of her spells, for example:  erecting warding spells (to help keep “Count Dracula” out), breaking spells (that were cast by their enemies), bringing forward sunlight (to help light the dark), making use of reverse spells (to “fix” Willows own spells that have gone wrong) and moving a variety of objects (by force of mind alone).

Willow – Four Elements Aligned

One such “scoobie spell” involves Willow making use of the four elements, within an incantation to “ionise the atmosphere around us”, with the aim of interfering with an electric tracer signal (that’s being emitted from Spike).  At the time, stopping the tracer is important, because it was embedded by “The Initiative” (a secret government operation), which the scoobie gang believes are “up to no good”.

Willow - Reading an Incantation (a "soon to be" familiar sight)

Willow – Reading an Incantation (a “soon to be” familiar sight)

In time, this is proven to be so, and Buffy encounters an opponent that she has trouble defeating: Adam (a hybrid demon/human/machine).  With Willows growing power, she is eventually able to cast the dangerous “Adjoining Spell” (which is fundamental to helping Buffy defeat Adam).  The spell involves speaking several incantations (assisted by candles and spirit cards) with the aim of combining:  spirit (Willow), heart (Xander) and mind (Giles) within strength (Buffy), to create a single “being”.  The “being” (an “Uber Buffy”) is then easily able to destroy Adam (by ripping his uranium power source from his chest).

Uber Buffy - with Possessed Yellow Eyes (a theme that later takes its own path)

Uber Buffy – with Possessed Yellow Eyes (a theme that later takes its own path)

Willow – Growing in Power

Willow then decides she wants to learn more about witchcraft, approaching its study as if its just another part of being at school.  She starts to read books on witchcraft, and experiments with several “simpler spells”:  a couple of pagan blessings, some glamour to mask a spot and some levitation to float a feather.

Willow - with her new found Love of Witchcraft

Willow – with her new found Love of Witchcraft

Willow does not attempt to hide any of this, as she tells Buffy about her new found interest:  “I’m a witch”.  Willows growing eagerness towards witchcraft is first noticed by Giles, when he becomes concerned about her use of mystical forces, advising her that “these forces are not something that one plays around with Willow”, although he does not specifically stop her from learning about them.