Evil Willow – The Power of Love

With Willows thoughts being beyond all logic/reason, Willow fights Buffy:  eventually rendering Buffy unconscious (by hitting her with some powerful blue lightening).  Fate then intervenes – as Giles returns, leading to a magical duel between himself and Willow:  he blasts her across the room, he commands her to stay down and he binds her in a stasis field (to prevent her from causing further harm).

Evil Willow - Smiling - With a red Fireball in her Hands

Evil Willow – Smiling – With a red Fireball in her Hands

Unfortunately, Evil Willow is too powerful to be defeated so easily:  she’s able to use mind control (on Anya) to help free herself from the stasis field.  The magical duel then resumes, with Willow eventually defeating Giles and absorbing all his powers (which he borrowed from a coven).  In doing so, Willow becomes more powerful, which combined with her emotional state, leads her to conclude that:  the whole world is suffering emotional pain (and that it must be stopped).  Thus, she decides to destroy the world (even though this goes against everything that Tara stood for).  Fortunately, Willow has managed to overlook one emotion:  love.  And it is love that finally defeats her:  when Xander tells her he loves her (as a friend).


Willow – The First Spell of Fate

With the intervention of fate, Buffy experiences some “Déjà Vu” – and discovers a computer disk that Miss Calendar had dropped (just before she died).  Indeed, the Paths of Fate had gone to work – as the disc just-so-happens to contain a spell/curse that can restore Angel’s soul (and make him good again).

Early Willow - her First Spell - with Candles and Runes

Early Willow – her First Spell – with Candles and Runes

It is here that Willow starts to venture deeper into witchcraft, as Willow undertakes the task of learning the “Restoration Spell”, even though Giles has warned her that “channelling such magic’s through yourself may open a door that you are unable to close again”.  The spell involves reading several incantations (in both English and Latin), together with several candles, runes, incense and a “spirit orb” (which helps to transfer Angel’s soul).  Willow eventually succeeds in casting the spell – and hence restores Angel’s soul (who is himself subject to a cruel Twist of Fate).