Early Willow – Best Seasons to Watch

When it comes to the “Early Days” of Willows character – these are my favourite seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Best seasons to watch for "Early Willow" - the "Gypsy Witch" - Buffy Seasons One and Two.

Best seasons to watch for “Early Willow” – the “Gypsy Witch” – Buffy Seasons One and Two.

I feel that “Early Willow” is typical of the school friends, that many of us had – at a similar age.  She’s your “best friend“, but you don’t really know why – nor, did she have to “earn it”.  I had such a friend (as well) – her name was Hazel!  I/You seemed to “connect” with Hazel/Willow easily – and everything seemed so much simpler (perhaps because we were yet to learn: the word “romance”).  Now, just like Hazel, Willow had a range of interests to – with many of them being quite Nerdy!  Hazel was to collecting Lego, as Willow was to learning Computers.  And yet, here do my childhood memories differ:  for Willow has an interesting twist to her character (that Hazel did not).  On the one hand, Willow can be easily lead (such as when Principal Snyder suggests that she changes a students mark).  Yet, on the other hand, does “Early Willow” appear to be quite strong – when she takes over the Computer Class (after Miss Calendar dies).  How many of us, would have been capable of “stepping in” like that – whilst still being at school?  How many of us could do it today?  Before you answer – consider: the last time you walked to town (or to the mall).  Did you find yourself looking at the floor?  Because if you did, then perhaps there’s more Hazel “in you” – than there was in “Early Willow“.  As a passing thought – it was Willow who found Miss Calendar’s files/notes on “paganism and magic”.  Yet, to a Witch, perhaps it is fairer to say that The Craft found her (through the Paths of Fate).  Especially as Willow – eventually chants, the Gypsy Spell (to re-curse Angel’s Soul).


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