Willow – The Computer Witch

Willow is a helpful, friendly, trusting girl who initially has little interest in witchcraft.  Instead, she is regarded as a geek, having numerous interests:  computing, reading, studying and tutoring Buffy.  She sees herself as a “science nerd” (e.g.  knowing the elements table), but believes this is ok, as it’s the computer age and “nerds are in”.

Early Willow – With her head in the books!

Early Willow – With her head in the books!

Her computer skills are put to use when she helps Giles (Buffy’s Watcher) and Miss Calendar (their Computer Science teacher) scan several ancient texts into the schools computer systems (for preservation).  Unfortunately, it turns out that one of these contained a demon, who as a result, escapes into the internet.  In the ensuing battle, Miss Calendar’s computing skills are required (even though at the time she’s not part of the scoobie gang), and we learn that Miss Calendar is a “techno pagan” (i.e.  someone with interests in the divine/witchcraft, but from a computerised perspective).  After the crisis is averted, Willow becomes closer to Miss Calendar, by helping her to cover some of her computing lessons.


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