Tara – Best Seasons to Watch

When it comes to the character of the “Wiccan Witch” Tara, these are my favourite seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Best seasons to watch for Tara - the

Best seasons to watch for Tara – the “Wiccan Witch” – Buffy Seasons Four, Five and Six

I feel that Tara’s character best portrayed the paths of a “Nature Witch“.  She started as a shy, stuttering, “Solitary Witch” who was always over looked by other people (akin to a new born seed – taking roots in the soil).  She then starts to venture out (at a campus Coven), where she meets Willow, and starts to put her ideas forward (akin to the seed’s roots spreading out – in search of Water and Soil).  She then slowly “Blossoms into a Flower”, walking the paths of Happy and Fun, when it’s realised that both her, and Willow, are Soul-mates (akin to a Plant that’s bathing in the “Rays of the Sun”).  Yet then does her character surprise the most, as she becomes someone that’s both strong and dependable, having grasped the “True Nature of Witchcraft“, when Willow starts to go “Off the Rails” (akin to a plant with “Strong Roots”, that’s able to “Weather the Storm”).  Yet just when we have grown accustomed to seeing the plant each day, are we reminded of the “Wrath of the Earth”, when Tara is snapped away (akin to a plant that got flattened one day) – it’s “Cycle Complete”, and the Earth starts again.


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