Tara – The Shy Witch

Tara is a shy, stuttering, likeable witch who Willow meets at a campus coven.  Unlike the other members of the coven (who are all talk), Tara and Willow actually have an interest in performing spells.  Later one evening (after all Sunnydale residents have lost their voices), Tara looks up the campus house that Willow is staying in – and heads over there with the intention of helping to cast a spell to make people speak again.  This eventually leads to Tara bumping into Willow (just outside Willow’s room), whilst fleeing from the “The Gentlemen” monsters (who are responsible for the lost voices).

Willow and Tara end up in a common room where Willow attempts to barricade the door by moving a drinks machine with magic.  Tara realises what Willow is attempting to do, and grasping Willows closest hand, they use their combined powers to move the drinks machine.  The following day, Willow and Tara share their first real conversation, where Willow enquires how long Tara has been practising “The Craft” for.  Tara’s reply is:  “Always, since she was little” (as her Mum used to).


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